How do you photograph weddings?

I always tag team with my talented partner, Priscilla Dasilva, to deliver beautiful images and video for every client. We want to embrace every culture and every love story, hoping to capture beautiful moments of your day. You will always have 2 lead photographers to cover every angle possible. To know more about our weddings, visit www.embracingyouweddings.com.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in DFW, capturing art with the camera around this area. Although I am based in DFW, me and my partner, Priscilla Dasilva, would be ecstatic to capture destination weddings. Our goal for our wedding photography is to travel around the world and embracing every love story with our camera.

When will we get our photos?

The turn around time for photos is 2 weeks. The images will be uploaded onto a digital gallery that clients can access with a click of a button. You can also install it as an app for easy access on your phone!

How many pictures will we receive?

Depending on the package, the amount of photos you receive will depend on the time frame you pick.

For more information on the packages I offer, please shoot me an email asking for the package list! :)

What excites you as a photographer?

I see the camera as a medium to create works of art. What motivates me is being able to express myself through the camera. I can create a brand new world and trap a story that can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. Being able to do that is such an amazing feeling.

What goes into your fashion shoot?

There's several steps when I plan my fashion sessions. Basically a concept is formed and followed by mood boards/reference photos. Then, I would personally craft props or parts of the garment to create fashion unique to the shoot. Most of the time I am the art director, photographer, makeup artist/hair stylist, editor and many more. However, I LOVE to collaborate with other artist to create a vision together. If you want to collaborate on an idea, don't be shy to shoot me an email :D

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