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My passion

creating art through photography & film

Expressing art through the camera is a timeless way to preserve not only moments in life, but also our imagination. The art in our mind can come to life in images that speaks a thousand words and transcends time. I yearn to capture a creative space (physically or mentally) within my photographs and in my films that tell a story. Each person's perspective is different, so it is interesting to see the different reactions and interpretation of my art depending on who views it.

Photo By: Vanessa Tellez

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My Work

“Mary has eyes for perception! She knows how to capture the right lighting and angle. Mary and I did outdoor shooting and I had so much fun! She is comfortable to work with and she gives me direction if I need some advice for posing. What I love most about her is that her editing skill turn mediocre photos into high fashion photos. She’s also very talented with hair and makeup so if you couldn’t find the hair/make up person she’s the whole package!”